Become a Good Neighbor

Be a part of statewide change with these 4 steps


Transition Your Lawn

Whether you are choosing to manage your current lawn without pesticides, or you are transitioning part of your lawn from turf to prairie, all Good Neighbor lawn-management practices are celebrated!


Pledge to Become a Good Neighbor

If you are already managing your lawn with Good Neighbor practices or you are planning to start now, pledge so that we can track unsprayed acres across Iowa!


Connect with other Good Neighbors

Welcome to the neighborhood! Keep up to date with Good Neighbor news by liking us on Facebook and look at who is leading in your area in your area!


Donate and Decorate Your Lawn!

Good Neighbor Iowa signs and stickers can be purchased at one of our participating locations (view map). If you want to take your commitment even further, consider donating to our cause!