About Good Neighbor Iowa

Good Neighbor Iowa is managed by University of Northern Iowa’s Center for Energy & Environmental Education (CEEE).  Community engagement is a strategic priority of the University of Northern Iowa. Good Neighbor Iowa was planned, designed and developed by students of the University of Northern Iowa’s Spring 2017 Interactive Digital Studies Practicum, in collaboration with the UNI Conservation Corps.

UNI Conservation Corps consists of teams of students and faculty working with community leaders to research, analyze, plan, design and implement science-driven knowledge in the context of community environmental conservation in Iowa. The program is managed by CEEE staff.

UNI Conservation Corps has two broad goals:

    • Elevate the role of science and it’s public value in the educational experience of UNI students.
  • Cultivate and support a culture of acting on what we already know through science.

The Center for Energy & Environmental Education at UNI strives to empower Iowans with the knowledge, experiences, tools, and inspiration to create a sustainable, desirable future.  The CEEE works with community leaders across Iowa on energy conservation & renewable energy education, strengthening the local food economy, and involving UNI students in community environmental conservation.


Audrey Tran Lam
Good Neighbor Iowa Program Manager

Audrey manages a state-wide initiative focusing on reducing urban pesticide application for water, wildlife, and child health. She holds a masters degree in Public Health from the University of Iowa. (Phone: 319 273-7150)

Kamyar Enshayan
CEEE Director

Kamyar works to turn science into action in energy conservation, renewable energy, and sustainable agriculture. He has taught environmental studies at UNI since 1993.

Kamyar Enshayan
Pratik Poudel
Student Fellow

Pratik is a student fellow at Good Neighbor Iowa. He studies Environmental Science at the University of Northern Iowa

Leah Doyle
Student Fellow

Leah is a student fellow at Good Neighbor Iowa. She studies Environmental Science and Biology at the University of Northern Iowa.

Interactive Digital Studies 2017 Practicum Class

In Spring 2017, eighteen students in UNI’s Interactive Digital Studies Practicum class worked with Kamyar Enshayan, the Director of the CEEE, and members of the Conservation Corps, to build the Good Neighbor Iowa campaign.

  • Good Neighbor group photo