Look at who's leading around the state!

View the maps below to see how many other Good Neighbors there are in your area! See which schools, public parks, childcare centers, and institutions are leading the way to a healthier future by choosing alternative lawn management practices and eliminating pesticides!

Public Parks
Childcare Centers

Iowa schools are reducing pesticide use.

Early childhood development is the foundation of education. A healthy school environment is essential to child development, and lawn pesticides pose unacceptable health risks to children.

Some Iowa school districts are leading the way and are managing their general turf areas without lawn pesticides. In the process, they are saving costs while creating a healthy school environment.

Look who is leading!

Public Parks are reducing pesticide use.

Everybody’s health needs are different, which is why cities are trying to become healthier for everyone and pesticide-free parks are part of an overall healthy community and good living.

Many park services throughout Iowa are taking the lead in Iowa and supporting a healthy and inclusive environment. Additionally, the Iowa DNR manages all mowed areas in our State Parks without pesticides.

Look who is leading!

Childcare Centers are reducing pesticide use.

Everyone knows healthy early childhood development is the foundation of a healthy life. Pesticide exposure in early age can lead to developmental disorders and other health problems. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that “children’s exposure to pesticides should be limited as much as possible.”

Good Neighbor Iowa

With the help of the Iowa Department of Public Health’s Childcare Nurse Consultant Coordinator, Good Neighbor Iowa has written a Lawn Care and Pest Management Policy that can be found below, or on the IDPH website.

Cedar Valley Preschool and Childcare Center values a healthy natural environment for children to explore and they practice that on their own property through energy conservation, and natural backyard environment that is pesticide-free.

Demonstrate to your community that creating a healthy lawn without herbicides provides a safe place for children to play. Good Neighbor lawns not only shelter children from harm, but protect streams and pollinators that work to make the outdoors beautiful.

Look who is leading!

Institutions are reducing pesticide use.

Remember when people would smoke in restaurants, libraries, and other indoor places? It took public officials paying attention to public health evidence, strong voices, and a change in culture to get where we are with smoking now. Today we are in a similar situation with common lawn weedkillers. They are widely used and known to be toxic to children and our rivers. It’s up to us to push, act on what we already know, and ask institutions and business owners who manage large lawn areas to go without weed killers, save money, and protect our health and our streams.

We already know businesses, churches, and other institutions feel pressure to spray because our culture encourages it. Some people even say you’re not a “Good American” if you don’t spray toxic chemicals to create a perfect lawn. Help us change what it means to be a Good Neighbor.

Look who is leading!

Iowans are reducing pesticide use.

You have the power to make the world healthier for kids and pets. The dangers of pesticides and herbicides are well known. Natural lawn care is easy and makes you a good neighbor! Put your lawn on the map today!

This map below highlights Iowa residents who have joined our initiative.

Look who is leading!