Look at who's leading around the state!

View the maps below to see how many other Good Neighbors there are in your area! See which schools, public parks, childcare centers, and institutions are leading the way to a healthier future by choosing alternative lawn management practices and eliminating pesticides!


With the amount of time our children spend in schools, a healthy school environment is essential. Lawn pesticides pose unacceptable health risks to adolescents, and children can come in contact with these chemicals on school grounds through sports fields and playgrounds. Good Neighbor Iowa has resources to help schools transition towards using less pesticides to manage their grounds and start implementing Integrated Pest Management strategies.

Public Parks

Cities and Community Conservation Boards can make a huge impact on the health of their community by choosing to manage parks and other green spaces without pesticides. Naturally managed parks are beautiful and safe for everyone. Traces of pesticides that have been broadcast across parks are oftentimes detected in nearby streams and bodies of water and are toxic to aquatic ecosystems. Additionally, the Iowa DNR manages all mowed areas in our State Parks without pesticides.

Childcare Centers

Children are uniquely vulnerable to the toxic effects of pesticide exposure. Pesticide exposure during these early developmental stages can lead to a number of negative health outcomes. With the help of the Iowa Department of Public Health’s Childcare Nurse Consultant Coordinator, Good Neighbor Iowa has written a Lawn Care and Pest Management Policy, that can be found here.


For many years, people smoked freely in public and indoor spaces. Even when the science that smoking was harmful became clear, it still took time to shift the culture and implement laws and policies prohibiting smoking in certain areas. Today we are in a similar situation with common lawn pesticides. Despite their proven toxicity to human and environmental health, weed killers are still widely used throughout our communities. Being a Good Neighbor means you are protecting the health of those around you by choosing to not use toxic lawn chemicals. Ask businesses in your community to be Good Neighbors!


You have the power to create a healthier Iowa for our children, pets, pollinators, and streams! The dangers of urban pesticides are well known. Natural lawn care can not only save you time and money in the long-run, but can also provide resources for pollinators to thrive and creates a beautiful, healthy, and safe area for your children and pets. Pledge to be a Good Neighbor, and put your lawn on the map today!